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An Outline of Abortion Alternatives

Today, there are so many women and girls who get unwanted pregnancy and find themselves in a difficult situation. When women get unplanned pregnancy and have nowhere to run to, they get scared and afraid. Abortion is the first option for many women with unwanted pregnancies think of. It is advisable for a pregnant woman to reconsider their decision of having an abortion as it is a decision that one will have to live with. There are alternatives to abortion that we are going to present in this article that can change the minds of pregnant women who are thinking of terminating the pregnancy.

Adoption is one of the alternatives to abortion that pregnant women who were thinking of abortion have. Giving up your child to another family after giving birth is known as adoption. Closed and open are the two types of adoption available. You as the mother can be denied to have access to your child if you choose closed adoption as there is no contract available. Here, the adoptive family can keep the adoption process a secret and they have the option to disclose the news to the child or not. When giving up your child to another adoptive family, a mother can choose open adoption.

A biological mother can be able to interact with the child as they are allowed to keep in touch with the adoptive family. An agreement is a must between the mother and adoptive family before accepting to all the conditions. Agency adoption is the other option a mother who wants to give up their child has. You can have a third party take care of looking for an adoptive family for your child and complete the whole process on your behalf if you choose agency adoption. A background check on the agency is advisable for your child’s safety in case you find yourself in a position of teenage pregnancy.

Parenting is the other abortion alternative that a pregnant woman has. Here, the mother chooses to raise the child and become a parent to them. A father and mother to the child can choose to raise the child or the mother can do it on their own. Parenting will involve not thinking about you but concentrating on bringing up the child. Putting your career and goals on hold is inevitable if you decide to become a parent to the child. Financially and emotionally stable is required once you decide to become a parent to the child. But, although parenting comes with a lot of challenges, the fulfilment of having to raise your child is comparable to none. Get more details about abortion here:

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